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Since 1994 having experience in Corrective Bodywork, utilizing some phenomenal tools like The Berry Method®, Bowen Work®, AromaTouch Technique®, doTERRA Essential Oils®, Access Consciousness Bars® energy work and now BEMER Therapy,Emmett Technique to tailor your session to assist your body to heal itself. I customize the bodywork to your what is happening in the moment with your body.

Access Bars Sessions are available now. This session is like defraging the computer of our energy system. It’s extremely relaxing and can open many areas of our life to experience more ease and joy in the body and being. I’m experiencing this on a weekly basis and it has opened me to more possibilities in every area of life. It takes the density of busy mind chatter and quiets it to a very nice space of functioning from awareness. See the Access Bars page for more information.

BEMER Technology   Life is in the blood. Oxygen, nutrients, hormones, tissue healing properties if delivered into the tiny capillaries efficiently, the cells of the body will receive everything they need to heal themselves. Check out the BEMER page for more info. More info

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